What Is Ryan's Reach?

Ryan's Reach Foundation, provides scholarships for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's), who cannot afford the therapy needed to recover from an accident. We also support the operation of Ryan’s Reach Residence & Respite Care Facility in Tustin, California. We are committed to expanding programs and services to more effectively address the financial, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of Traumatic Brain Injury victims and their families.

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TBI Home for Respite Care

Take a tour of the facility - Inside & out.

One of our key Missions is coming true. The home we have acquired and modified has been licensed by the state of California as an Adult Residential Facility. This is a five-bedroom, single story home located in Tustin that will accommodate both ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons – six in total. We have widened doorways, installed accessible ramps, created a wheelchair accessible bathroom and even installed a complete fire sprinkler system in the home.

Please check out the video of the home. Should you have any questions or comments concerning the home and/or its intended use, please contact Mike Michaelis at (714) 396-7678 or Lindy Michaelis at (714) 420-7697. 

Providing scholarships to brain injury survivors to attend High Hopes
Supporting the operation of Ryan’s Reach Residence & Respite Care home

We've partnered with and promote a variety of organizations and companies we feel are closely aligned with our cause.