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The purpose of this section of our website is to familiarize our visitors with other wonderful people who find themselves in a similar situation to ours. We would like for Ryan's Reach to be a support to families enduring the trauma of a head injured loved one in more ways than financial. We have received so much prayer as a result of so many becoming familiar with Ryan's story. This brought them to their knees on Ryan's behalf. I wish everyone could have that kind of prayer support. 

With this in mind, we decided to include an area of our website where you can read a paragraph about someone, like Ryan, detailing what kind of person they are, the accident or injury, and specific request for prayer. If any story touches your heart, would you consider "adopting" them so to speak and making a commitment to pray for them regularly and fervently. I hope to include their email addresses. If you decide to pray for a specific person and their specific needs you may want to email them to get further details. I?m sure that someone's story will touch your heart like Ryan's did. 

I know it's not possible to care about every single person in this world that has a terrible need. We want to care but we can't carry it all in our hearts. So see if you have room for one or two more situations to lend your prayer life to. This is as important as sending a donation of money; it's sharing your heart and spirit. 

Thank you 

Prayer Profile - Ryan Evans:
Randy Evans was a fun loving, clean cut, good looking 20 year old man who had a smile that could light up any room and eyes so warm and sparkling they could melt your heart. The passion he felt for life was so evident in all the various interests and activities that he participated in. Whether it was skateboarding, speedway motorcycle racing, boogie boarding, music, cars, snowboarding or hanging out with friends, Randy gave it his all.

Everything changed in the night of August 26, 1995 during what should have been a typical speedway motorcycle event in Victorville, CA. The promoter allowed a retired rider, who was only supposed to race against another retired rider in a match race of two laps, to race in Randy's race. The results were disastrous. The other ride's lack of control caused him to push Randy into the retaining wall.

Randy was in a coma for two months and is still on the slow path to recovery. We greet each new day with hope, faith and prayer that Randy finally will speak, walk again and take back his life. The love and support that High Hopes Head Injury Program provides is a vital part of that recovery process. Without this program, the brain injured would have very few choices of therapy that they would actually be able to afford. At High Hopes, we are all like family and when one student achieves success we all share in the joy!


Prayer Profile - Mel:
Mel has been pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship for 20 years when he suffered a heart attack with anoxia while playing tennis on July 28, 2001. He began attending High Hopes in December that year and has shown consistent progress ever since, even seeing his smile return during conditioning class in May!

Our prayer requests are:

1) A reliable method of communicating yes and no.
2) The right conditions for removing his trach.



Prayer Profile - Seth Esvelth:
Seth Esvelth (23) of Renton, Washington, was a senior in college attending
summer school at California Baptist University when, on the evening of August 16, 2003, he swerved to avoid a car that had suddenly slowed ahead of him. Seth's vehicle skidded off the road and rolled down an embankment, and Seth was thrown from the car. When medics arrived soon afterward he wasn't breathing, and because of serious damage to his lungs he was not expected to live through the night (his surgeon called his survival a mircle!). Besides other injuries, he sustained a closed head injury with some degree of brain damage and has been in a come since the accident. Currently (March 2004) his eyes are open, but it is not certain that he recognizes anyone as yet. He can move his head, hands, and feet somewhat, and he has responded to certain commands to parents, pastor Craig and Mary Esvelt, and Seth's two sisters, Holly and Kirsten. 

Seth has a web site with ongoing updates which can be viewed at: http://www.sethesvelt.com  

Contact Email: mesvelt@juno.com 



Prayer Profile - Mel:
Thomas Escobar is a young man who sustained a brain injury at the age of 18, just a freshman in college. He had an ROTC scholarship and planned to pursue a career as an FBI agent. Early one winter morning while trying to close a window while standing on his bed, he lost his balance and fell through the screen to the ground four stories below. Surviving the accident has been a miraclein itself. But the Lord was listening to all the prayers that were being said for him and let him commence on his road to recovery. It has been a long hard road so far but progress is being made slowly but surely. Thomas has been attending High Hopes for four months and is making great strides in his recovery. Please continue to pray for him every day because through prayer all things are possible and probable. PRAISE TO GOD.

Our prayer requests are:
1) To walk.
2) To talk.

Contact Email: tpe3344@aol.com 


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