Ryan's Reach is a 501(c)(3) charity. Over the years, the majority of funds raised have provided aid to brain injured individuals and their families by providing financial resources and promotional support to High Hopes Neurological Recovery Group, Inc., a public charity based in Orange County, California. We are committed to expanding the programs, services and outreach of High Hopes to more effectively address the financial, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of Traumatic Brain Injury victims and their families.

Additionally, in November of 2014 our foundation entered into a long-term residential lease for the purpose of fulfilling our Vision Statement stated below. This is a five-bedroom single story residence that has been modified to care for TBI persons. It is licensed as an Adult Residential Facility.


Our vision is for the foundation to establish a home serving brain injured adults and their families. Ryan’s Reach R&R stands for Residence and Respite Care.  The home has 6 beds and there will be four full-time residents in the home and two beds will be reserved for our short stay TBI visitors.  This is known as “respite care” for the families who care for them.  This respite care will provide a safe and comfortable environment for families to leave their brain injured loved ones for hours or days at a time, being assured they will be properly cared for. Such a home would allow families an opportunity to “come up for air” and get some well deserved rest and relaxation from the daily routine of personally caring for their loved one.