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Welcome Message From Pat Boone:

Hi friends, I'm Ryan Corbin's proud grandfather.

He and his sister Jessica were our very first grandkids, courtesy of our beautiful daughter Lindy and their dad Doug Corbin. As the years have flown by, we've seen these two develop into exemplary, admirable, responsible and beautiful human beings.

But on June 19, 2001, Ryan and a buddy from Pepperdine University went up on the roof of an apartment complex in West L.A. to get some sun, and Ryan inadvertently fell through the skylight in that flat roof, falling forty feet to a concrete floor, denting two railings on the way down. The paramedics rushed to the scene and thought twenty-four year old Ryan was dead or dying. They rushed him to UCLA emergency, where the doctors and nurses did everything humanly possible, but gave us little hope that Ryan would survive the next twenty-four hours. 

Today, over five years since the accident, through lots of prayer and loving attention, all kinds of therapy and support, and with his own indomitable ?can do? spirit, he's steadily recovering to what we believe will be complete normalcy. Of course, the "experts" still won't confirm that, but we know Ryan and we know our God.

Because we're receiving Ryan back day by day, and because he and his extended family are grateful for the kinds of support and therapy he's received from many quarters, we all want to establish this foundation in his name, and to try to extend to others some of the types of help that have benefited Ryan. The Bible admonishes us, "freely have you received, freely give".

That's what we aim to do.

Pat Boone

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